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Going to Vegas

So, I am on my way to Mix 07 — leaving Toronto from the same place I did for WDN07, only difference, well, almost the only difference is that today it’s warm.

And I’m going south.

Last time I entered the U.S. was a bus, to fly from Buffalo to New York — a little over a month before the “new normal”. My re-entry was going to be just before WDN, and again, via New York, but plans changed and invitations were offered and now I’m heading to, of all places, Las Vegas.

Pete LePage, whom I met at WDN, invited me down to this one, and I’ll be going as a representative from The Globe and Mail. In fact, despite what my name tag will read, this will be the first event I’ll attend as a manager for the company.

The schedule has a ton of non-Microsoft sessions (in addition to the many evolving around Microsoft technologies), and I’ve already run into timing conflicts. Right now, that looks to mean missing both Molly’s and Tantek’s talks, to learn more about:

More details as time and connectivity allows.