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Seeking standards-based Web developer

Keith was mentioning it earlier, and I agree, it’s hard to find good Web standards developers. So with that in mind, consider this an open call for ones in the Toronto area.

Essentially, I’m looking to hear from those who dream live Web standards, and dream semantic mark-up. Being a news junkie who knows why * html can make IE behave is a definite bonus.

The position would be for three- to six-month contract with, I’m told, the possibility of continued work after that. So, you should be available for work in downtown Toronto from late fall until early spring. If you’re interested, or know someone who is, send along your portfolio (or sample site) to me — and I’ll pass along the information.

The various positions are now filled, but if you are looking for “new media”-type work, visit Cameron Moll’s Gigabits.