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Living Can Kill You

They come in threes

What happens when the inevitable happens not once, but three times in four days?

First as noted in my far-more active blogmarks feed, Microsoft announced that Internet Explorer 7’s next beta will fix two of my five CSS complaints about IE 6, and a whole bunch of bugs. Also, abbr and PNG transparency has been added.

Then, Apple announces it will introduce a mouse, cutely called Mighty Mouse, that will abandon a long-standing chink in the company’s armour. Yes, the Mighty Mouse will have more than one button: there will be a side button, a scroll ball button, as well as a left and right button. However, in an precious effort to keep the mouse as sleek as possible, those last two aren’t really buttons — they’re sensors. And to compensate for the lack of tactile feedback, the mouse has a tiny speaker which will produce a clicking sound when pressing a sensor.

Finally, The New York Times has announced it will be merging its online and print newsrooms:

[The] plan [is] to diminish and eventually eliminate the difference between newspaper journalists and Web journalists — to reorganize our structures and our minds to make Web journalism … as natural to us as writing and editing….

Here at home, The Globe and Mail’s newsrooms aren’t as divided (a floor divides them, but staff is shared), but nor are they — yet — as integrated as The Times is imagining.