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Internet Explorer evangelist

Apparently, Microsoft has quietly appointed an evangelist to the Internet Explorer development team. Dave Massy worked with IE prior to getting transferred over to Longhorn work. Although he claims it’s not big news he does say he’ll be fielding user requests to the Internet Explorer development team.

Many of the comments will be drawn from an MSDN Wiki on the topic (which you have to register to get access to), but in case anyone from the team comes over to this site, I’ll reiterate my top CSS requests:

Maybe, just maybe, by 2008 we’ll be able rely on Internet Explorer to fully support the kinds of Web sites we’re building for Mozilla, Opera, and Safari now.

In the meantime, Microsoft has released a list of the changes Windows XP Service Pack 2 will bring to the browser (hint, it’s all security related, but expect a lot of mainstream buzz about the pop-up blocking).