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New Mozilla site, browsers, and mail client; Web design practices

Dave Shea has redesigned the Mozilla site in a gorgeous CSS treatment. There are some minor problems in IE 5.5 and Opera 7.x, but overall it’s a great example of how progressive enhancement can improve design (try rolling over the sell boxes on the right). Nice touch: headlines become standalone boxes on roll-over.

The redesign coincides with the release of Mozilla 1.5, Firebird 0.7, and Thunderbird 0.3.

Unfortunately, in the Firebird release, I can find no way to enable much-heralded Web Panels (it’s not under the Sidebar menu where I’d expect it to be). Unless someone can suggest how I can do this, it’s back to Mozilla…

The other standards Web designers refer to are a site’s design elements. Heidi Adkisson has done a study of Web design practices, which she’s summarized at Boxes and Arrows.