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Living Can Kill You

Eolas forces IE update; HTMLDog; Izzy Asper has died

Eolas has forced Microsoft to release an new version of Internet Explorer that causes an alert box to appear whenever a plug-in loads on a page. To get around it, Microsoft is suggesting developers add a proprietary attribute to object or write the entire object to the page using JavaScript.

Although I can’t download the demo update to test this idea, I’m wondering whether it would be easier to just add the proprietary attribute to the element via the DOM? Something like:

var nObjs = document.getElementsByTagName("object");
for(x=0;nObjs.length>x;x++){ nObjs[x].setAttribute("NOEXTERNALDATA","true"); }

Can anyone comment?

A new resource for Web designers of all skills has launched; HTMLDog has a minimalist design which allows the tutorials an articles to shine.

Izzy Asper, chairman and founder of CanWest, died this morning. Despite my problems with some of his views, Asper fought hard to bring Canada its third television network, and he enlivened our media landscape.