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Responding to JWZ; XUL for Web apps

Just read Simon Willison’s reposnse to JMZ’s rant about Cascading Style Sheets, and both prompted me to elucidate my own feelings about CSS-based design. However, given the rant is not even close to being ready for publication, go (re-)read Owen Briggs’ Design Rant and my own piece on using tables or CSS. (and this is too funny).

Interesting discussion over at Creative Commons, inspired by an article at SATN.org, on what risks content creators are taking on by licencing their work (via Musings).

After skimming (not having the mental energy to read and understand it today), O’Reilly’s article on the Mozilla Amazon Browser demonstrated the real power of XUL technology. Instead of offering applications built using a dangerous mish-mash of client and server-side tools that may not work on every system, sites could build cross-platform apps that can be loaded in page or by themselves. Of course, it requires Mozilla…

Note to self: must read Creating Applications with Mozilla.