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Living Can Kill You

Retire HTML; CSS 2.1; interviewing Christopher Schmitt

Is it time to retire HTML? That’s what a new piece in Boxes and Arrows argues — and I surprised myself by agreeing with may of the points. The essay says dHTML has reached its limits as a Web application development tool, and suggests some potential replacements like Flash and Curl.

If you think mark-up et al. is passé, you shouldn’t concern yourself with this next item. The W3C has just released its latest working draft for CSS 2.1.. See the changes from the previous draft in all their colourful glory, or skip to the changes from CSS 2.

The first interview I conducted for Digital Web Magazine is now out. I talked with Christopher Schmitt about the myths around form and function. As usual, he offered some great thoughts on the subject — including a not-to-be-missed explanation rant on toilets that look like cactus.