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Living Can Kill You

New gig; GetContentSize; XUL; no W3C patents

As has been officially announced, I’m now the Assistant Editor at Digital Web Magazine meaning I’ll be handling interviews, like this one with Jakob Nielson conducted by Meryl K. Evans and Nick Finck.

Holovaty.com’s impressive GetContentSize has been improved to now count the text in alt, title, and summary. The result offers a more realistic picture of a page’s non–mark-up content.

More XUL for you.

You may remember that last year the W3C proposed to allow patent hodlers to charge royalties on certain Web standards. Due to public outrage, it appears to have backed down.

Microsoft has released the second edition of its Manual of Style for Technical Publications as a free, downloadable HTMLHelp file. Although designed for techincal writers (and uses American spelling), it’s a worthwhile acquistion. The company is working on the third presently.