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Some of you may have seen this, but for designers itching to get the work out to a huge audience, the Blogger Template Contest may be of interest.

While I’m on the topic of blogs, back in September UC Berkley’s Graduate School of Journalism held a panel called “Weblogs — Challenging Mass Media and Society”. The full discussion (featuring notable bloggers and blogging journalists) is now available for your viewing pleasure.

Would the rumoured merger between CNN-ABC News make the news friendlier? Another interesting aspect of this potential merger would be its status as a pseudo-independent contractor to ABC. The company will need to justify its existence financially, so the pressure to create a more commercially viable product might be intense.

(Or it might take a lesson from the U.S. publisher that is closing two of its newsrooms and reportedly told its employees “they would be working from home or their cars…”)

Note to self: read posts before replying. (Despite forecasts to the contrary, this is definitely a Monday.)

Man, I would have loved to have had this at the Science Centre.

Lest we forget.