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CSS3 releases; the Content Provider’s Manifesto

The CSS3 modules are being churned out at a furious pace recently. Last calls were issued for the text and box-model Working Drafts. A second draft was published for lists and and a first one for borders. The latter has some interesting visual additions including implementations for drop shadows (which would render my CSS trick obsolete), rounded corners (which would render another CSS trick obsolete) and creating borders using images.

While it did take almost five years for the big browsers to adopt (almost) full CSS1 support, there are signs CSS3 support may move faster. Already Gecko-based browser support some functionality. Given Mozilla’s open-source nature (and Opera’s commitment to CSS), as soon as these modules become recommendations I’d expect to see support be built in — and, I hope, that would force IE to follow suit.

Another W3C initiative, Device Independence, has released a working draft called Authoring Challenges for Device Independence. Although it bit dry, it has some excellent advice for developing sites that work on a variety of different devices (cellphones, desktop computers, refrigerators, etc.).

As manifestos go, this one is just sad, though well intentioned. (This was a longer entry, but a vitriolic rant on a Friday evening does no one any good.)