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Multiculturalism and privacy

Canada takes pride in describing its implementation of multiculturalism using the metaphor of a tapestry (or salad bowl , or mosaic) to contrast with the idea of a melting pot. But recent attempts by the U.S. government to fingerprint some foreign-born Canadians crossing the border prompted the federal privacy commissioner to suggest passports no longer display the place of birth.

In a sense, he is suggesting we subvert our origins to prevent harassment. Though a noble suggestion for what could be an effective policy, it’s shame that this is what the new “new world order” is coming to.

Stretching to bring closer to this blog’s intended topic, one ramification of this policy could be help online security. Many sites ask for your place of birth as a means to confirm a password request. By removing it from a passport, it’s one less place that information could be found. (Albeit, that information is not hard to get.)

thenewforum.ca has some fun with the National Post, and thanks to David Akin for pointing out the effectiveness of a good illustration.