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IE 5/Mac tips; Asper rants

The Macintosh version of the Internet Explorer 5 was the best browser for rendering CSS when it first appeared in early 2000. Now, two-and-a-half years later, other browsers provide more consistent support and that browsers quirks have become more apparent. Thankfully Apple.com commissioned an excellent article detailing workarounds for the most common problems. (A thorough list of bugs is available from CodeBitch.)

A quick tale of two Post publishers: (Lord) Conrad Black, in essence, was an elitist anglophile. Izzy Asper may just be a paranoid libelist. And see real bias at play in the media, read the coverage in the Asper-owned Gazette and Post competitor, The Globe and Mail. For more, read thenewforum.ca and its profile of a journalist Izzy does like.

Yet another site has embraced valid XHTML+CSS, this time its up-and-coming search engine, AlltheWeb.com. Given Google’ much-heralded minimalist design, it’s surprising that site doesn’t even come close to validating.

Seems others have noticed Jakob’s decline.