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Email etiquette; CSS outliner menu

Scott Andrew LePera wishes Netscape 4.x a happy birthday.

I don’t think I’ve linked to this before, but even if I had, Matt Haughey’s “How to Write Effective Mailing List Email” from Digital Web Magazine is worth a repeated link and read.

Most of the problems outlined in the article stem from sloppy email clients (namely, the Outlook family). This was point became extremely obvious when I had to switch from Mozilla Mail to Outlook. Compared to Mozilla Mail, Outlook mangles or buries features like threading and quoting emails.

The latter is my number one problem with the Outlook clients: the quoted text belongs above not below the reply. If Microsoft fixed this the quality of billions of emails would instantly improve (as would the company’s karma).

In the spirit of another outliner linked from here a last week, here’s one that use only CSS—no JavaScript at all (works in Mozilla, IE users are out of luck).

Another founding editor of a Microsoft product is leaving: Merrill Brown of MSNBC. Apparently a new organizational structure, related to MSNBC getting pulled further into MSN, made Brown feel some of his editorial independence was being threatened.