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Living Can Kill You

Mafiaboy; journalism: awards and blogs

Mafiaboy successful brought down some major sites in 1999, and the National Post has a book excerpt about the 14-year-old Montrealer’s exploits.

The winners CAJ Fellowships have been announced. The new fellows—whose salaries are covered for eight months—can take any course at the University of Toronto at no cost. The program was know as the Southam Fellowships until CanWest pulled out.

Perhaps they would want to take a course on blogging as journalism (okay, it’s not offered at UofT)…

The announcement of a university-level course on the subject, combined with MSNBC’s news blogs, and a one-sided pissing match between Dave Winer and Dan Gilmour have brought the meme back to life on email lists and discussion boards.

Dave’s rant is a like a parent’s inability to let their kids grow-up. Blogging’s gone mainstream and ain’t nothing anyone can do to change that.