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Client-side data manipulation

Finally started to play with XML and XSLT, using it to manipulate some data about some human cannonball performances (a whole other story). I've never had the chance to work (in-depth) with ASP, PHP, or any other database-driven, server-side language, but using JavaScript to access the XML-HTML parser in IE 5+, I was easily able to do some pretty impressive data manipulation on the client-side.

The only catch: browser support for parsing client-side XML is less than impressive, with the best one accessible only through IE's MSXML parser, which surprisingly conforms to the W3C specs. The Gecko-based browsers have just started shipping with built-in support using a different parser.

And in completely unrelated news: I thought the New York couple willing to let their baby be named for company in exchange for $500,000 were uniquely bizarre — but apparently not!