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About saila.com

Previous Incarnations: DOM Styled

May 6, 2002 to October 16, 2007

saila.com - May 6, 2002 to October 16, 2007Unintentionally, this became the longest-running design of saila.com, lasting more than five years. Offering minor visual enhancements and a number of mark-up enhancements to the Dynamic Free Style look, this version was notable for its reliance on DOM scripting.

Through the DOM, users could customize the homepage, switch styles, change the font-size, and access other unique tools. This was all accomplished through progressive enhancement (although when saila.com’s features were developed, that phrase wasn’t in use) which meant only browsers supporting DOM scripting would see these tools.

The site has been preserved, but it not maintained, at domstyled.saila.com