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Online media matters


June 19, 2007’s Posts.

  1. IPhone browser specs

    Details for building iPhone-friendly Web pages say width is 480px; Web standards are best; and it's QuickTime, not Flash

  2. IPod-friendly NOW restaurant guide

    Ryan Feely and Jakub Labath created a portable version of Toronto restaurant reviews.

  3. Mark Bowden on journalism

    Journalists and author of "Black Hawk Down" offers some good ideas on where he thinks journalism should be going.

  4. CBC.ca undergoes massive redesign

    New site is cleaner, with lots of whitespace and a good effort to bring its disparate parts together.

  5. Facing EnergizeIT

    I thought I missed this event, but then I saw David Crow's presentation slides and to the right of WR is...

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