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Online media matters


September 19, 2005’s Posts.

  1. Add a comment at The Globe and Mail

    The Globe and Mail becomes the first mainstream media outlet in Canada to allow its regular readers to comment directly on the news presented on its Web site.

  2. The Globe and Mail: now comments-enabled

    Just spent a lot of hours finishing up what has become the first comments-enabled manistream news Web site in Canada. Yes, The Globe and Mail is now taking comments on its news pages. For a full write-up, read the latest rant.

  3. Indie Fantasy League

    Don’t know which non-music blogger mentioned this, but it was funny then. Pitchfork’s take is scary brillant.

  4. Truly randomizing a playlist

    Dan Goodin explores what random playlists really mean, and whether that’s what we actually want.

  5. Love the semi-colon

    A defence of one of my personal favourite punctuation marks.

  6. Typetester

    Marko Dugonjić has built a snazzy online tool for comparing how two differently set types appear online.

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