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Online media matters


July 7, 2005’s Posts.

  1. Wikinews shines in the face of tragedy

    The citizen journalists at Wikinews have produced an astounding amount of in-depth information about the terrorist attack on London this morning.

  2. Don’t click it…

    Experimental, “clicks considered harmful” interface that makes a good art project but a troublesome user interface.

  3. Spacing: The Blog

    Toronto’s very own public space activists blog the city.

  4. Remaking Toronto’s streets

    Toronto is trying to harmonize its street specs, and is asking for its citizens’ opinions. Spacing Wire explains.

  5. AIDS in Africa

    A spectacular interactive report by Stephanie Nolen about the crisis, and the hope in Africa.

  6. Defending freedom of the press

    The New York Times speaks out on Judith Miller’s decision and showcases the part of the American landscape I deeply admire — the passionate support of a free press.

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