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Online media matters


June 30, 2005’s Posts.

  1. Does sIFR enable piracy?

    Jonathan Snook launches FONTSMACK only to realize distributing fonts in Flash for sIFR may be illegal, and mean sIFR users are violating their font licences, too.

  2. Internet Explorer hasLayout

    Ingo Chao (whose site is simple, and elegant) has dissected the cause of many of IE’s layout problems.

  3. Where (or where not) to buy marijuana in Chicago

    ChicagoCrimes shows a disturbing concentration of arrests around, ironically, Humbolt Park.

  4. The Art and Science of Web Design @ 5

    Veen’s second book, which outlined today’s Web design philisophy when tables and font tags ruled the Web, is now available as free download.

  5. Karla Holomoka’s letters

    The Globe and Mail has published Stephen Williams’ correspondence with the killer — the cuteness her letters is macabrely ironic.

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