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Online media matters


April 2005’s Posts.

  1. Globeandmail.com tweaks its look

    Updates includes some changes to the bottom of the homepage (standards-based structure); great improvements to the story bundles; and a Flash-edition of a print-based golf guide.

  2. On the release of IE7’s user-agent string

    Simon Willison has some concerns about the release of IE 7’s user agent string.

  3. sIFR 2.0 finally released

    With this release, the image replacement technique also gets its own page on Mike Davidson’s site.

  4. Safari passes Acid2

    The browser can now claim the one with the best standards support.

  5. The Globe and Gmail?

    Or as the headline of this column speculating on newspapers being bought by dot-com companies suggests, The Google Street Journal.

  6. Bye bye RadioShack

    In Canada, the RadioShack brand is being replaced by a clunky new name: The Source By Circuit City.

  7. Layton wins concessions from Martin

    The NDP now (almost) hold the balance-of-power.

  8. Making a newspaper business online

    Bill Doskoch offers his insight on The Globe and Mail’s article on the struggle with online newspaper revenue.

  9. Mapping New York’s literary locales

    This idea floated in The New York Times cries for a Google Maps Greasemonkey script.

  10. Aardvark: a Firefox extension for Web designers

    Intuitively highlights elements, and lets you manipulate them on a page.

  11. Tom Waits upset over commercial

    Commercials are an unnatural use of my work, he said. It’s like having a cow’s udder sewn to the side of my face. Painful and humiliating. (Em

  12. Opera CEO takes a bath

    Jon S. von Tetzchner has begun what will likley be an uncompleted trans-Atlantic swim.

  13. Problems wiki-ing the news

    True it is still finding it’s legs, but the problems Wikinews is encountering won’t surprise the skeptics.

  14. The blog-friendly U.S. papers

    Interesting survey of shows The Wall Street Journal really is ignored by the blogosphere. Maybe someone do a similar survey for Canada…?

  15. Some IE7 fixes revealed

    Chris Wilson says PNG transparency support is in place, as are fixes to a couple of notable CSS bugs.

  16. Who do you want for Prime Minister?

    Based on the 2004 poll (issues which are still true in a 2005/6 election), I scored 100% for Jack Layton Leader, 74% for Gilles Duceppe, 48% for Paul Martin and a whopping 7% for Stephen Harper. Pretty accurate.

  17. The article page as a news hub

    Steve Outing uses globeandmail.com’s phenomenally successful article redesign as a jumping-off point for new ways to navigate a news site.

  18. HTML 5

    A.k.a., Web Applications 1.0, the spec may one day be the future.

  19. Canadians get number portability

    Not a cellphone user, but this good news is something I didn’t think the Canadian telecoms would cave on so quickly.

  20. Layton’s response to Martin

    [E]ducation, training for workers, and the environment are more important than this scandal.

  21. The next 20hz

    After a troublesome takeover (and subsequent censorship), the Canadian indie crowd leaves 20hz en masse.

  22. Steps to better typography

    One of the most valuable seminars I had in j-school was in typography and this is a great refresher.

  23. Then again’

    Okay, maybe the Gomery revelations will bring down the government. To be fair, my last post was based on the first day of leaked testimony. The subsequent revelations definitely make neither the Liberal party nor PM² look good. Nevertheless, I hope Mr. Wells is right — we don’t need another election a year after our last one.

  24. 2005 Canadian New Media Awards’ finalists

    If this is the cream of new media in Canada, then maybe multimedia CD-ROMs will be the next big thing.

  25. Online sales quintupled since 2000

    Looks like this e-commerce thing has finally caught on in Canada.

  26. Finally, transerfable metropasses

    In September, Torontonians will be able to share monthly and weekly transit passes.

  27. Camper Van Beethoven live in the Archive

    A slightly inside joke for those that know my dog, for the rest, some good, free music.

  28. DevEdge resurrection plans

    A temporary mirror of this great resource is now online.

  29. Opera 8 released

    Been playing with the beta for a while, and can safely say this is a very good release.

  30. Toronto’s Pitchfork?

    The guy who “transformed” the El Mo plans to overhaul 20hz

  31. AP’s plans

    Tagging and better online stock data coming from AP.

  32. AP finally realizes it can make money online

    Print and broadcast suscribers will now have to pay for the AP feeds they have received free for a decade.

  33. Globe on Firefox

    The Globe and Mail presents a glowing overview of Firefox and Thunderbird.

  34. Go Jack!

    Jack Layton offers Paul Martin a shoulder for support.

  35. How to destroy the Earth

    Recipes for obliterating the planet Earth.

  36. Adobe to buy Macromedia

    Holy graphics powerhouse, Batman. Your one-stop monopoly for your pixel pushing needs.

  37. PPK on Safari 1.3

    Peter-Paul Koch notes the bug fixes in the latest Safari upgrade.

  38. Is this Area 51?

    Google Maps may reveal what Mulder and Scully long searched for.

  39. Google Maps meets craigslist

    Nice effective real estate Web app combining the best of both sites.

  40. Solving transit woes

    John Barber advocates downtown tolls to help pay for the expansion of the TTC.

  41. CAJ awards finalists

    Nominees include the late Bill Cameron’s piece on Guantanamo Bay, the Globe’s Louis Palu for photojournalism, and David Akin for his story on the CIBC faxes.

  42. Asterisk 2

    Mr. Robinson redesigns his entire site and produces something I like much better.

  43. Browsers’ standards support

    According to this survey, Opera, surprisingly, comes out on top.

  44. Yahoo News beta

    As promised the new site is coming, and it looks very nice — clean, open, and standards-based.

  45. Al Gore stealing from ZeD!

    His new cable channel (formerly CBC’s NWI) will be heavily based on the “open-source” television show, ZeD.

  46. The Pugly Awards announced

    The tremendous renovation that resulted in the home of Toronto’s 51 Division wins.

  47. An accidental reprint

    Google News gets a story Mark Washburn wrote published in The New York Times.

  48. Meetup charging $19/month

    At almost $240 a year (U.S. I presume), watch a lot of the little groups whither.

  49. The Acid2 test

    No browser I’ve seen comes close to rendering it.

  50. 2005 Webby nominees

    The late CBC Radio 3 is amongst the nominees, as is the Subservient Chicken and BCE.

  51. Ryerson Review of Journalism Online relaunches

    The Web site I helped launch nine years ago, relaunches.

  52. Eyeopener at risk

    My alma mater’s infamous (and best) school paper, the Eyeopener, is being threatened with “third-party oversight.”

  53. TTC strike

    The TTC, and much of Toronto, looks like it will be shutdown come Monday.

  54. On media events…

    Russell Smith nails it when he speaks of the media’s reaction to Pope John Paul II’s death (or the Gomery inquiry).

  55. Google Maps: Power and responsibility

    Jeff Veen talks about how Big Brother is us and we best be smart about what we do with the power.

  56. Gomery lifts publication ban

    Jean Brault’s testimony legally published at globeandmail.com

  57. Journalism != blogging

    Derek Powazek explains (and he being a non-MSMer, may it carry some weight).

  58. Canada the best in “eGovernment”

    Tops the U.S. and twenty others; myself, I’m pretty satisifed, too.

  59. Updating Access to Information

    Canada’ ATIA needs updating; let’s hope it’s for the better.

  60. Man am I glad I got my passport

    But this kind of move is what makes me reticent to visit the U.S.

  61. “In the Mood,” ̶Smells Like Teen Spirit” preserved

    Songs are among 50 recordings marked for special preservation by the U.S. Library of Congress.

  62. The Annotated New York Times

    Combining the Times’ RSS feed with comments from the blogosphere. Clever.

  63. Glowing profile of ExtendMedia

    Toronto’s one-time new-media darling (a.k.a., Digital Renaissance) gets the full-treatment at globetechnology.

  64. Gomery revelations won’t bring down the government

    The Captain’s Quarters seems to have got itself a juicy scoop and some nice traffic from Canada. But with all the hyperbole coming from our media outlets (force a quick election, explosive and damning testimony, devastating impact on the minority Liberal government, and criminal charges against senior Liberals), keep in mind a few things:

  65. All about JavaScript’s closures

    New to me, too. Noticed sIFR uses this, so I figured I best get up to speed.

  66. The future of news

    Five pages on how the next generations news consumption habits will change what news is.

  67. Water on Mars

    NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day proves it.

  68. Pop-ups begone, part 2

    A new extension/patch for Firefox to block all pop-ups — help’em test.

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