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Online media matters


March 3, 2005’s Posts.

  1. Netscape 8.0 Beta released

    The franken-browser has its first public beta.

  2. Toronto panorama

    This amazing photograph shows all of Toronto as seen from the top of the CN Tower.

  3. The Pugsly Awards

    Recognizing, with Flash(!), the best and worst of Toronto’s urban landscape.

  4. Bye-bye, Radio 3

    One of the best online magazine has published its last issue today. CBC Radio 3, with a 100 issue run, is being replaced by a plan to mesh the CBC’s various “youth-orientated” together. Read my rant about the plans

  5. Free Radio 3

    CBC is still trying to catch a younger audience, and a full-scale revamp of CBC Radio 3 is underway

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