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Online media matters


April 2001’s Posts.

  1. Sun redesigns

    The Toronto Sun, the city's brashest tabloid (and sister company to my former employer), has undergone a complete redesign which saw an end to a couple of its own trademarks.

  2. Ugly, ugly

    Feel as though your latest Web design is uninspired, sterile, or just cliché? Try this ego boost

  3. Salon’s premium

    Salon.com has announced its premium edition, and I can't help but notice how its been inspired by one of the few areas of the Web making money: porn sites.

  4. Stick men fight

    What with the popularity of the Xiaoxiao movies (1, 2, and 3); the logo icons found throughout Plastic; and the "hosts" on sites like Lookandfeel (all likely inspired by the various stick figure death, dancing and tarot card sites; along with the 24,000 pages other pages found by Google), it looks as tho the stick figure has become the new design motif du jour.

  5. Doing JavaScript

    Managed to finally roll-out the dHTML-ized version of the site's interior pages this weekend. Throughout this process (and that of redeveloping the still unlaunched Ontario Science Centre site) my JavaScript knowledge went from nothing to passable competence (with thanks to the braintrust at WebDesign-L).

  6. Summit of Americas

    The media coverage of the Summit of Americas has, surprisingly, been almost fair. The Internet has allowed the indie media outlets get their message out as quickly

  7. The fun with titles

    Why it’s worth moving away from using titles for just usability aids.

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